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If you'd like to keep us 'on the road' and provide an invaluable service then you can do so by donating at any of our online donation sites.









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Norfolk Blood Bikes

Donate to keep our bikes on the road

SERV Norfolk is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who receive no financial compensation.

SERV Norfolk provides a service that has saved many lives, yet receives no government funding.

All costs are met entirely by donations from members of the public, fundraising events and corporate sponsorship.

Our Main Challenges

Money! We need money to keep our fleet on the road. Our typical costs are on average £3000 per month.

We need to recruit and train as many riders, drivers, controllers and fundraisers as possible.

To establish income sources to keep the service running.

To raise awareness by giving presentations and holding events.

How we raise money

Bucket collections in town centres, resorts, etc.

Attendance at numerous bike shows, summer fayres, events, etc.

Attendance at charity events

Corporate sponsorship

How the service works

Our Routes

Serv Norfolk is a charity specialising in transporting blood and blood products, samples, instruments, medical notes and donated breast milk for the benefit of NHS patients.

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