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Norfolk Blood Bikes

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In 2011

Blood Bike groups were operational in much

of UK.

Budgets in the NHS were gradually


Savings were made to the NHS hospitals,

typically around £25,000 to

£100,000 per year by out of hours ‘Free of

Charge’ courier services but

Norfolk Hospitals were not benefiting.

A Brief History

Service By Emergency Rider Volunteers (SERV) is a registered charity and was started by a group of Surrey motorcyclists in 1981.

They learnt that hospitals spent very significant sums of money on out of hours transport and decided:

To set up a professionally run medical transport service, to be offered completely free of charge, and allowing the NHS to divert funds back into patient care.

Transporting Blood, Plasma Platelets, Samples, Vaccines, Factor VIII, & other urgently required medical items to hospitals delivered out of hours.

Serv Norfolk Was Born

In February 2011 a SERV Norfolk

committee was formed.

A decision was taken to have dedicated and

liveried motorbikes.

A target was set to go live in Norfolk in

October 2011 to provide a

service to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,

Norfolk & Norwich University

Hospital and the James Paget Hospital.

We planned to raise the money to buy a

minimum of 2 bikes.

To recruit and train volunteers (typically

around 60) to provide the

service by riding driving and controlling.

To establish a sustainable income to keep

the bikes on the road.