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Going the extra mile
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We would like to thank all our sponsors who have worked to raise money and awareness of SERV Norfolk and the service we offer.


Provincial Freemasons of Norfolk

At a meeting held at the Angel Lodge, Norwich on 15th August 1758 and attended by the Masters and Wardens of the 12 Lodges then working in the City of Norwich, it was resolved ‘that a Provincial Grand Master for this City, the County of Norfolk, and Beccles in Suffolk, would conduce to the benefit of Masonry in general and to the satisfaction of each Lodge in particular, and that our worthy Brother, Edward Bacon, Esq., is a proper person for that office’.

Beactive Mobility Care Program

Norwich Inns

Norwich Inns was hatched in 1982 during a meeting between two publicans in the city – Roger Cawdron from the Mischief Tavern and Mike Lorenz at the George and Dragon.

They formed one of the first buying groups of its kind in the country. By combining purchasing power they initially got better buying deals on soft drinks.

Over the years they added members, and the range of goods on the shopping list to include light bulbs, wines and spirits, and cleaning materials.

A change of law loosening ties to the big breweries in 1989 enabled pubs to host a guest beer – initially Theakston’s Best.

After more than 30 successful years it has grown into a powerful network of 50 members and over 60 outlets within a 35-mile radius of Norwich.

Under the banner of “the sign of excellence” the varied range of hospitality and accommodation at competitive rates.

Co-operative Food

We are delighted that Coop Food continue to support our charity and we are now their local charity until October 2017.

Try the link below for more information.

One Broker

One Broker Ltd was formed in 2009. The group encompasses Gibbs Denley Insurance Services, KTIB, NWBIB, PJW. It currently ranks in the Top 100 Independent Insurance Brokers in the UK.

One Broker Norwich has chosen to support SERV Norfolk for the foreseeable future.

Mark Benevolent Fund

The Mark Benevolent Fund is a registered charity (no. 207610) came into existence in 1868 on the suggestion of the Reverend George Raymond Portal, Grand Master of the Mark. His views on charity were far more radical and progressive than the general thinking of the time. He felt that for charity to be effective it had to be disbursed swiftly and without the bureaucratic formalities of other Masonic charities. To him it was wrong for there to be any delay in providing assistance to those in need and his own Latin tag “Bis dat qui cito dat” – he gives twice who gives promptly – became, and still is, the principal guideline of the M.B.F.

Lions Club International

Rotary Club of Norfolk

A vibrant group of community leaders who enjoy being part of southeastern Virginia’s oldest and largest service club.

Our nearly 140 members come from throughout Hampton Roads and share a passion for community service and fellowship. We value always learning something new, having fun and working together to make our community and world better.

Friends of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

The Friends of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is a group of volunteers who fund-raise on behalf of the hospital along with nominated Trust staff. Decisions about how to spend funds are decided by the Trustees on receipt of an application at the bimonthly meetings. In order to support the work if the hospital, grants are given to the departments and wards for specific items that will help to improve the experience of patients and their families.

Friends of NNUH continue the good work carried out by the previous Friends of Norwich Hospitals Charity which was concluded in 2010.