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Norfolk Blood Bikes

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Be able to work from home

Must be experienced, they must hold an advanced riding qualification.

Undergo specialist training  - handling products, route runs etc.

Must be over 30 years of age


Work from home

Must be experienced, i.e. not just passed test.

Undergo specialist training  - handling products, route runs etc.

Over 25 years of age

How it all works

Riders / Controllers fill in availability sheet each month to say what nights they are available and are expected to volunteer a minimum of 2 shifts from a minimum of 8 available dates per month.

Rota manager creates  rota where riders are generally on duty for 2 consecutive nights. – They collect the duty vehicle from previous member.

At 6:30pm they are called by controller and are then on duty 7pm -7am

Hospitals call controller with tasks – controller despatches appropriate rider.

365 nights  + daytime Bank holidays and weekends

Approx 50  - 55 riders/drivers & 15 Controllers

Become one of our volunteers. There are many roles within Serv Norfolk, you don’t have to be able to ride a motorbike (worth it if you can though). See below the different types of roles and their requirements.


Work from home – 0845 Number is transferred to their home phone. Undergo specialist training.

Need to be able to use MS Excel and have access to computer

Must be over 18 years

Download an application form here and return to:

Les Spencer, 17 Newfields, Sporle, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 2UA